Sports team trying to get more players

I belong to a Brooksville sports team that's trying to get more players. We're a newish team in an unusual sport and I'm not sure how to get the word out about our team or explain what it is we do in a way that makes sense to people.

We play roller derby - you know, chicks in tights on skates running into each other. I love it because it's exhilarating, a great workout, and it lends itself to the varying abilities of skaters of all body types, ages, and  experience. But people are thrown off by the perception that it's a dangerous, aggressive sport. Which isn't entirely untrue, but we're a mellow league and our goal is to have fun, not even to win or cause damage.

If anyone else has a similar problem, let's work together and talk about how to get exposure. Because satisfying hobbies make life better.

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  • Good afternoon, Emily!  Welcome to the Social Scene.  I wanted to acknowledge your membership and let you know that you can start a group right here for your current roller derby members.  

    By starting Group, it's like having a "mini-website" where you can socialize, recruit, inform & get feedback from your members, both current & potential.  To start a Group, just hover over the tab towards the top of this page that reads "Community Pages" and select GROUPS.  The next step is to "+Add" a Group and fill in your derby's information that would be helpful for new members to both contact you and find out what you're group is about.   You can also add blogs, post articles, and add events on the Event Calendar for upcoming events you might be having.  

    The benefits of The Social Scene Online is that it's advertised in PRINT, since we advertise it in our monthly The Scene Magazine publication that is sent to over 75,000 in Hernando County monthly.

    If you have any questions or want assistance with setting up a Group or anything else regarding The Social Scene, email me back & I will gladly help you out!

    Talk soon,

    Gigi @ The Social Scene Online

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