Inaugural Enrichment Center Ballroom Dance

The inaugural Enrichment Center Ballroom dance at the Mining Association Building took place on Friday January 15 beginning at 6 PM.  Bob and Sue Plumpton (professionally known as Short Notice) did an extraordinary job of providing great dance music.  Some folks loved it when they played “Drinking Champagne” and Brown Eyed Girl.  They played a great mix of music which include tangos, cha-chas, waltz’ rumbas, foxtrots swings, mambos and even a Samba.

With a playlist at each table, the dancers could anticipate the next dance and make sure their favorites were on the list. 

We were fortunate to have Bill Dimmitt join us and lead us in a Waltz lesson; a Twinkle into a Developee into a Corte and ending in a Promenade and with a view of the Grand Canyon (?).  We will work on these steps to the Waltz; it was a nice variation and one that we will incorporate.

Bill also taught two line dances, both were fun and even Bob and Sue joined in.

We are looking forward to our next dance on January 19th form 6 PM to 9 PM also Short Notice will be playing and Bill Dimmitt will be leading us in another dance step and line dance routines.

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