Spirit of the Tiger: The Building of a Martial Arts Grandmaster's Legacy

I am Grandmaster Jay Blanton, I live in Brooksville, Florida and I have been in the martial arts for over 39 years and I trained with Grandmaster Kang Rhee the Instructor of the king of rock and roll Elvis Presley for over 20 years. I have a cleft palette that caused me to have a speech problem. That's why I got into the martial arts because of all that bullying I went through and this book I wrote will help others who are or has been bullied. We have had over the last several months here in my area were I live several kids that killed themselves over being bullied. I am wanting to get the word out "Bullying is Real" and its killing our kids, no matter what state you live in. I am giving you my official release below the book was published on Amazon.com or dragonsocietyinternational.com called : "Spirit of the Tiger" here is my press release :

The movie just came out about bullying and its a problem everywhere in America and the World kids are killing themselves over being bullied no matter where you live or what town you live in. I to have just wrote and got my book published on Amazon.com that will help people being bullied called :
"Spirit of the Tiger" it's my true life story of being bullied all my life because I have a cleft palette that impairs my speech and makes me hard to understand and a # 1 prime target of bullies. Until you have actually live through bullying you can't understand how we (who are being bullied) feel and all the emotions that we go through. That's why I wrote this book from the time I was born to now, its an in depth look into what people go through being bullied and it give the reader a real inside look of what a bullied person feels. I wrote this book to help people who are being bullied that they are not a long and I give them insights of what to do if you are being bullied and to let them know people do care and you can prevail over these bullies and become a successful and productive person in life. People who have read my book have wrote me and told me that this book should be put in public schools so everybody could read it and maybe save others for killing them self's. Please get the book and read it and you will see for yourself that it will help people being bullied, that's why like I said I wrote it is to "Stop Bullying" I have a face book page called : Spirit of the Tiger Mang Ho Jujitsu Ryu Let's Stop Bullying or you can also go to my martial arts page called Mang Ho Martial Arts it has all the information on myself and lot's of pictures. I have been in martial arts for 39 years now and have helped many people who have been bullied not only just teaching them self-defense but talking to them and letting them know what I went through and that I was one of them. I had a parent tell me one time you need to write a book about bullying it would really help these kids understand, well I did. Please consider doing a article on this book and let's get the word out to the public and all our school systems Bullying Is Real !! and its killing our kids.

God bless and thanks for your time

Grandmaster Jay Blanton

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  • Wonderful article! I'll pass it along but in the meantime I'm featuring it since it's a powerful message you're getting across.


    • Thanks David,

      This is something dear to my heart since I lived through bullying all my life because of my speech problem (clept palette) which I was a prime target for bullying. I wrote a book called "Spirit of the Tiger" my life story of what I went through and how I prevailed over all that mess through my faith in God and the martial arts. The book is available on Amazon.com or dragonsocietyinternational.com I have gotten e-mails from all over the world telling me this book should be put in public schools for required reading for all including teachers and staff etc. I want to thank you for allowing this article to be published. All other media here in Hernando County (newspapers) would not do an article on my book because of the subject matter involved (Bullying) they are affraid to face the facts and let the public know Bullying is Real and killing our kids. My book tells what I went through and how I, like other people hide it and don't tell anyone about being bullied. My book tells the reader the view and thoughts of the victim. Check out my main martial arts pages on face book and use any pictures you need. page 1 ; "Mang Ho Martial Arts" (main page) pictures, information on me etc. and my bully page : "Spirit of the Tiger Mang Ho Jujitsu Ryu Let's Stop Bullying" I hope these pages will help you.

      God bless and thanks,

      Soke / Grandmaster Jay Blanton

      • I am Grandmaster Jay Blanton's son and I have tried to go to the local newspapers to get some publicity for my father's book. Everybody seems to want to sweep this touchy topic under the rug. I am glad you guys were willing to publish this article to raise awareness on the hot topic of bullying. My father's vision is to stop bullying and give victims someone to relate to and confide in. If more people can learn about my father's story it will make victims feel like they are not alone and give them hope that they to can overcome bullying. We just got back from a seminar where my father spoke about bullying and learned that many martial arts students have or a currently dealing with bullies. One instructor told us about a boy he teaches that has a speech impediment and is bullied as well. He bought a copy of the book which my father gladly autographed for the boy. He also took a photo of my father for the boy. My father told him to tell the boy that he is more than welcome to email my father at any time for prayer, words of encouragement or whatever he may want to talk about.

        • As I mentioned to your father, I will try to get some recognition out there but this posting is a great start.  Share the link on Facebook, Twitter, etc.  I added a link to amazon.com for the book for your dad's benefit in the original posting.  

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